The Objectives We Strife to achieve

One of the cardinal goals of the associations is the creation of positive and enabling environment overseas with the buyers of our ornamental aquarium fish and other pet items in order to engender greater rapport and understanding between trading parties, and consequently, boost trade and profit for all involved.

Revamping the images of Nigerian live fish exporters and the enforcement of the principles of absolute honesty and international best practices amongst our members in their dealings with buyers overseas.

Protecting our members from fraudulent importer, and resolution of issues arising between our members and their customers.

Promoting the industry through the organizing of, and the participating in, local and international forums such as seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, etc, that are relevant to our business.

Protecting members’ interests in the industry, and the enhancement of member’s welfare through collective adequate pricing.

Encouraging members to diversify into other related areas such as captive fish-breeding, and the propagation of aquarium and table fish, manufacture of fish packaging materials and pet hard wares, etc to augment incomes.

Liaising with, and affiliating to, all relevant statutory organizations, agencies, and international bodies that impact on the ornamental aquarium pet industry.

Placing and recognizing Nigeria as the best live ornamental fish exporting country in the world.

Cooperating with local fishing communities to protect the ecosystem and fish habitat by discouraging harmful fishing habits

Promoting the hobby of aquarium fish-keeping worldwide.